At EMOS Electronics LTD, we take the quality of our repairs very seriously. That’s why we use a Class 7 cleanroom for all of our open cell repair and COF IC replacement work.

A cleanroom is a controlled environment that is designed to minimize the number of airborne particles, including dust and other contaminants, that can damage sensitive electronic components. In a cleanroom environment, the air is filtered and circulated at a high rate to remove as many particles as possible.

Our Class 7 cleanroom is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to ensure that we can provide the highest quality repair services possible. When you bring your television to us for repair, we will perform the work in our cleanroom to ensure that your device is protected from any contaminants that could cause further damage.

We take great care to ensure that our technicians follow strict protocols to maintain the cleanliness of our cleanroom environment. All of our technicians wear protective clothing, including gowns, masks, and gloves, to prevent any particles from being introduced into the cleanroom. We also use specialized cleaning equipment and materials to ensure that every surface is thoroughly cleaned before and after each repair.

Using a Class 7 cleanroom for our open cell repair and COF IC replacement work allows us to provide the highest quality repairs with minimal risk of further damage. We take great pride in our work and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible repair services. Contact us today to learn more about our cleanroom environment and to schedule your repair appointment.